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This wonderful "Duggie's Nipple" Brooch is part of a special collection of Andrew Logan's wearable art for Father's Day 2022, curated by designer / pop artisan duo Whitaker Malem.

Andrew Logan brooches are handcrafted and unique, as this visionary artist is always exploring new creative designs, often using recycled materials. Andrew Logan created this fun brooch in 2022, this piece was inspired by his friend, the late artist Duggie Fields and has been named 'Duggie's Nipple'. As with all of Andrew's work the brooch is signed and dated on the back.

The vibrant brooch features a bright pink crystal at its centre set into white resin which has been sprinkled with neon pink glitter. This is set over a round glass fragment which has been painted a pale pink colour, this is surrounded by thirteen small rectangular glass fragments which have been painted with a darker pink/orange colour to resemble skin. These elements are also set into white resin and have been sprinkled with pale pink glitter.

The quirky brooch has a diameter of approximately 9cm and the weight of the piece is 51g. This statement brooch is a definite conversation starter, the safety pin on the back can be easily added to any item of clothing.

Why not buy a pair? This brooch also has a matching twin.

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